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Alex Kinnear-Mellor, Brand Strategist, is not only able to deliver creative direction, but also bring together stakeholders with the support and drive required for successful brand delivery.
Stakeholders can include Shareholders, Senior Leadership, Agencies, Marketing, PR, IT and HR departments.
Businesses require continuity when working on a brand. All stakeholders need to be engaged in a brand project from the outset to keep resources, expectations and ultimately the brand’s success on track. Alex Kinnear-Mellor delivers these solutions.
Project management is only part of the process; original thought, agency collaboration and foresight is delivered with agility and importantly, enjoyment.
Award winning Internal Communications,  Graphic & Website design, Copywriting, Publishing, Printing, Marketing, PR and Event Organisation are all part of the parcel.
Branding is about exploring what your business, product or company initiative really is, and then helping others to see it too. Alex Kinnear-Mellor has the personality and ability to smoothly lead a business through this branding process. Go on, extend the possibilities of your brand today.

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Misrepresentation – beware

On 28, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Branding, Business | By alex

Misrepresentation is front of mind today following a hilarious evening-in with a friend. The long story short? Well, an old flame of mine has been found by said friend on an internet dating site they went on. So what do two friends with an IPad and glass of Voignier in their hand do? Yes, we had a good gander at his profile.


What my friend had held back, for comedy value, was the fact that the words I had said to him 2 years ago, to explain why we weren’t going to trip down the aisle one day, were there in black and white – but twisted so the very things I said he lacked, he said he had! He had rebranded himself as the exact brand I had kindly pointed out he wasn’t.


Clever heh? Well only for a short while. Like any brand positioning and design – you’ve got to be honest about your strengths and challenges from the start. The consumer is not a fool … so don’t treat them like one; be honest and they’ll respect you for it. After close inspection the veneer can very quickly start to peel and the resentment the consumer will feel when they discover your hidden challenges will triple, compared to if you had been honest from the start.


So essentially, come on ‘X’, don’t try and be someone else; be yourself, warts and all and just let the consumer (?) know you’re working on any slight foibles you have and I promise you, the loyalty you’ll get will last a lot longer than if you had covered them up.

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