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As a Brand and Communications Strategist, Alex Kinnear-Mellor delivers creative direction, and also brings together stakeholders with the support and drive required for successful brand delivery.
Stakeholders can include Shareholders, Board Members, Senior Leadership, Agencies, Marketing, PR, Fundraising, Income Generation, IT and HR departments.
Businesses require continuity when working on a brand. All stakeholders need to be engaged in a brand project from the outset to keep resources, expectations and ultimately the brand’s success on track. Alex Kinnear-Mellor delivers these solutions.
Project management is only part of the process; original thought, internal stakeholder and agency collaboration, and foresight is delivered with agility and importantly, enjoyment.
Branding is about exploring what your business, product or company initiative really is, and then helping others to see it too. Alex Kinnear-Mellor has the personality and ability to smoothly lead a business through this branding process. Go on, extend the possibilities of your brand today.

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What’s normal?

On 11, Sep 2012 | No Comments | In Branding, Business, Company News | By alex

Well with the last remnants of summer shining on me and with a warm feeling of human (not just national) pride following both sets of Olympics I sit in my new feng shui(ed) office contemplating the next exciting move for Kinnear Creative.

When I set up this business nearly a year ago I had no idea how much I would learn and grow during the process. The variety of work and personalities I have enjoyed and met have been tremendous, and I sit here with a wonderful feeling of pride; knowing that taking the opportunity that many would have ducked has paid off.

Yes the year has thrown its challenges, but I have been keen to learn from each one, never giving up on my dream of having a successful business known for looking at things just that little bit differently from the ‘norm’. And here comes my point – and secret admission – I don’t believe that what I do is all that different! “Shock horror” I hear you cry, “Is she mad for dismissing her USP; her Competitive Advantage?!”

Well first of all calm down and stop being so dramatic, and secondly, my response is a “nope”; it’s just that as this summer of sport and games has shown us, ‘normal‘ just doesn’t exist! Humans that come in all shapes and sizes entertain, amaze and dazzle us with equal aplomb. The only difference is that somethings are just often overlooked in favour of the more obvious and therefore more trodden route.

And that’s where Kinnear Creative comes in; we simply find a way / view / look that is just as beautiful and efficient as the ‘norm’ but has that edge that makes it more exciting, enticing and ultimately creative.

So as we head toward our second year, I am faced with a dichotomy: I’m encouraged to see and embrace our world moving away from appreciating / acknowledging somethings as the ‘norm’, but I better watch out and keep on my toes, because being careful of what one wishes for; the competition is now just behind …

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